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New year, old journal... [01 Jan 2004|04:10pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Well how extra-ordinary – I believe I haven’t missed this little book in the least. It’s a good thing I had Regulus deliver it to me though, I understand from dear Rita some things have happened in school that I would be most amused to learn about.

Oh, should I summarize my life so far, in the absence of the annoying, frequent, Punishable by Detention chronicling? Well, there was the ball last night of course, a most pleasant soiree, if I do say so myself. Regulus darling you looked absolutely dashing! I can understand why Auntie keeps introducing you to potential brides, you look too handsome to just leave alone. Lucius and I have spent the last week rather…closed off, from most social activities. In fact I don’t believe we’re left the manor at all since I arrived. Well, the ball was a good distraction.

An, no reason to be cross that you weren’t invited, it wasn’t your kind of crowd anyway. Trust me, you would not have fitted in.

I should stop writing in this silly thing now. Afternoon tea will be served in 20 minutes and I should tell that…Toby I think his name was, he keeps putting 2 spoons of sugar in my tea when I like there to be specifically 1 and ¾.

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Before Bed [18 Dec 2003|12:43am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Well, it seems I’ve neglected this journal a bit. Not that I care but Professor Cleac has hinted that if my quill does not get to work soon detention will be just around the corner. A result I am not looking for.
And so this wretched little notebook has found its way out of my trunk.

I have had a few reasonably good days. While walking to Transfiguration I stopped to look out of one of the windows along the way to the Hippy-Gryff tower and noticed a tiny “black” figure shoveling snow. How amusing. DeVilla and I laughed and laughed. Oh how I do love a good blizzard.

During Ancient Runes I heard one of Claws whispering something behind my back. During lunch I slapped her with detention for bumping into me and spilling her Pumpkin Juice and nearly soiling my robes. Clumsy hippo.

The best thing about this time is that Christmas is almost upon us and so I will not have to tolerate this disgusting place for much longer. Spending time with Mother, Daddy and of course Lucius will be a welcome change.

Prefect rounds have been a bother, thank Merlin Rudy’s been joining me. I am much too tired to carry this on. Goodnight.

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[14 Dec 2003|10:55pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Return owl to LuciusCollapse )

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[13 Dec 2003|02:39am]
Owl to LuciusCollapse )
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Returning to Routine [09 Dec 2003|10:23am]
Well the weekend has been most entertaining. Sadly, I forgot this wretched thing at home while going to Hogsmeade and have not returned until last night, spending the time in Lucius’ company.

Hogsmeade was delightful, Regulus and I went shopping and my wardrobe is now 3 items richer. Hopefully Natasha will not burn it this time!
The Sheep was present. Pity, I thought he’d been obliterated by the infinite mercy of the universe or some such by now. Quite a disappointment to see him so animated and…breathing. Still the farm animal, as usual. But enough about him, he doesn’t deserve so much space in this journal, I’ve been spoiling him really.

Next in line for Most Shameful Family Member is of course my sister! ANDROMEDA have you been breathing too much “fresh air” at that Astronomy tower? I can hardly recognize you, what have you done to yourself? Ah, this is unacceptable, I should owl Daddy and let him know right this instant.

The situation of the house is pitiful as ever. This inter-house assignment nonsense (which I have completed, thank you very much) has got everyone acting insane. I saw a 3rd year coming up to a Ravenclaw to pass her homework or something of the sort. I slapped them both with detention of course. Really, I am tempted to retire from school altogether, even the Dungeons are becoming unbearable.
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Another Dull Weekend [30 Nov 2003|09:21pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Oh Merlin. I can’t believe how dull this weekend has been. Hogsmeade will not come soon enough. Although I’m not particularly looking forward to visiting the village itself, it will simply allow me to spent some time away from this blasted castle – which I desperately need because my skin will not take another weekend inside these walls, it’s much too damp in here.

It seems this inter-house assignment has swept over everyone, even Severus The Withdrawn Snape managed to escape punishment unhinged. I, of course, have not yet completed the assignment nor am I going to auction myself off for the highest bidder. If opportunity should present itself I will perhaps deign to engage in something more than a screaming match with a member of the other house.

Oh what a shame past experiences can’t be counted. I believe I’d rank highest in all the dungeons for inter-house interaction, Dumbledore himself would give me a medal, if I could count all my screaming matches with Andromeda or The Sheep. Well, I suppose I could always just walk by a deserted corridor and wait for someone to attack me and steal my wand…that would be interaction by Gryffindor standards, I imagine…

Meghan darling, what a shame you’ve already completed your assignment.

DA council: Lucius onlyCollapse )

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Neverending [25 Nov 2003|03:19pm]
Oh Merlin. I don’t’ think I’ll live through this class. McGonagall’s got us writing an essay on Mamal Transfiguration, so tedious and boring as I have long since mastered the technique. This class will never end. I wish I had a time turner.
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A conclusion of events [23 Nov 2003|05:59pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Oh my. Well, this Sunday has been quite horribly dull. All the rubbish on the notice board has everyone in a dither, I see. Oh well. I very much hope this upcoming ball will not require prefects to be present! I plan to spend my Christmas vacation with the right people – namely in Lucius’ company, possibly at the manor.

As for these silly quidditch related affairs…well I certainly hope Slytherin will have the best team possible but I don’t intend to get involved myself. My hair doesn’t like to be tossed and turned about in the air.

However, I plan to absolutely exhaust my budget in Hogsmeade this weekend. New dress robes, certainly. A stash of sweets to bribe firewhiskey out of Evan for cold and rainy days that are here to stay. Let’s see…well I’m making a list, either way. Shouldn’t be very difficult. My, in this mood I may even buy Bella a butterbeer.

And what has happened to Slytherin house while I was away? What is all this talk of unity and brotherhood? Was there a secret meeting I was not invited to? Something about all the Slytherins suddenly deciding to forget years of rivalry and humiliation and flying boldly into the future chocking in red brooms perhaps? If there were no such meetings and whatnot, then I really fail to understand how all this inter-house nonsense has gotten everyone so enflamed in such a short time. Have we all forgotten what house pride is? I am beginning to suspect Dumbledore (or perhaps McGonagall!) is poisoning our drinks in some manner, to pacify us.

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Back [20 Nov 2003|11:37pm]
Hello Hogwarts. I'm back. Can't say I'm happy about it. But alas, I'll be forced to look at your wretched faces again come morning. Very tired now, so I shall go to bed. Hopefully Natasha won't wake up and start asking silly questions.
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goodbye [18 Nov 2003|12:50am]
I am leaving Hogwarts. I will be back in a week or so. Worry not, and most importantly, don't try to contact me.
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[12 Nov 2003|07:33pm]
PrivateCollapse )

I'm ill and will be in bed until further notice. No one is welcome. Stay out of my damn room.
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[11 Nov 2003|12:11am]
PrivateCollapse )

DA: Lucius onlyCollapse )
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[09 Nov 2003|07:39pm]
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[08 Nov 2003|08:45pm]
Well, I am happy to say I don’t feel the slightest bit of a headache. I must commend myself on my excellent drinking habits. Indeed I should be paid to tutor the young ones.
The day in general was spent casting cleansing charms and explaining to Natasha just how much of a wretched drinker she is. That girl is NEVER getting a drop of firewhiskey in her system as long as I share lodgings with her. Silly cow.

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[04 Nov 2003|01:47pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Well, today has been most productive and it's not even late afternoon.
That cow, Bertha Jorkins, kept staring at me when I came into the Hall for lunch and when I got up to get some more water she bumped into me and then instead of throwing herself at my mercy mumbled “You bootless rude-growing blind-worm.” I have no idea what kind of medication Pomfrey is giving out these days but certainly it must be more powerful than any firewhiskey I’ve ever tried! So yes, 20 points off from Hufflepuff for attacking and insulting a prefect. Also, i’ve made sure dear Bertha serves out detentions every day this week.
Right after I dealt with Jorkins that utter git Lockhart decided to butt in, so I took off another 10 points for Obstruction of Prefectly Duties.

If anyone has anything to say about my hair, feel free to find me at any time, I’ll be in the library for a while after classes. Yes, it has been a most productive day.

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[04 Nov 2003|07:30am]
This morning I decided to try something new. I'm sick of wearing my hair in the same dull old way, I feel like a change is in order. So I got up early and applied a crispus charm. I'm not certain I like this yet, but it'a start and as the charm will hold for at least 3 days I suppose I shall have to make due.

CurlyCollapse )
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[03 Nov 2003|02:52pm]
I have decided that McGonagall is an intolerable hag and should be put out of her misery. Oh Merlin I feel a headache coming on. And this day is far from being over. There’s still that wretched meeting tonight. Oh I can’t wait for this horrible Block 2 Monday to be over! This weekend I hardly had time to read my Witch Weekly and so I think I shall remedy that. For some reason even the thought of detention can’t scare me away from disobeying McGonagall today.

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[02 Nov 2003|10:54pm]
Oh my. Just got back. Terribly tired. Lushly exhausted. The Ball was wonderful. Lucius was wonderful, Rudy was wonderful, even Evan managed to be on his best behavior. I must sleep now, but I assure you, there’ll be nothing heard from my room but music in the morning.
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[30 Oct 2003|05:00pm]
Oh Dark Day. Oh Dark Dark day. Truly the world should be in mourning.
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[28 Oct 2003|09:39pm]
I swear if I have ONE more incident with Pumpkin juice during this year, someone will DIE.

Lunchtime is fast becoming a dangerous time to be out and about it seems. Today it was Evan splashing me with the sticky filth. Oh for Merlin’s sake! I am SO sick of that boy! He won’t shut UP about bloody Andromeda and how much eh hates her and all that. I think he’s starting to become obsessed with making her life miserable. I think so, means I didn’t really care to listen to his whining so I don’t actually know the whole story. This bores me, really. I say we should find a few firsties, away from the watchful Gryffidor prefect eye, and do something VERY unpleasant to them. And then deduct some points. Oh, wait, I already did that today…also made Rebecca Chesterfield do lines for the rest of the week. Bloody cow looked at me funny and I swear I could hear her begin to mutter a hex under her breath.

Well, I’m off to bed.
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